NPA ambush’ civilians in Agusan


Four civilians were killed and four others, including an 8-year-old  girl, were wounded when a band of New People’s Army (NPA) rebels opened fire at an ambulance vehicle in Sitio Latay, Barangay Marfil, Rosario, Agusan del Sur Sunday afternoon (November 30, 2014).

First Lieutenant Jolito Borces, civil military operations officer of the 75th Infantry Battalion, said the ambush happened at around 5:30 p.m. while the passengers, including a barangay chairman, were on their way home from attending a church activity.

“Two died in the spot and two others declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Four others, including an 8-year-old girl, were wounded in the ambush,” Borces said.

Dead on the spot were Neljoy Cerna, 27, and Noni Mabong, 51. Dead on arrival at the hospital were Alfredo Cerna, 51, and Vanessa Sabas, 30.

The wounded were identifed as Liza Casilla, 47, Elmer Adonis, 37, Mae Roselyn Adonis, 8, and Barangay Chairman Emillio Solidor Jr., 49.

Borces said the perpetrators were members of the NPA-Guerilla Front 14 operating in the area of Agusan and Surigao del Sur.

Prior to the incident, Borces said Solidor was invited to attend the thanksgiving celebration of Wayside Bible Baptist at around 11 a.m.

At 5 p.m., Solidor left the place together with other civilians who requested to hitch a ride with him in the ambulance.

“While on their way back home at about two kilometers from the church, they were suddenly ambushed by more or less 20 NPA rebels,” Borces said.

He said the rebels were allegedly under the command of Leonida Belarmino Sanchez alias Monik/Susay, Front Secretary; Randy Subla alias Nice; Ariel Conejar Ornales alias Charlie/Jorlan/Brylle; and Renato Sayasat alias Friday.

Sources: NPA leaders tagged as behind deadly attack in Agusan Sur  / NDF: Civilian victims in Agusan ambush ‘most unfortunate’ / 4 civilians killed on the spot, 8-year-old girl, 3 others wounded in NPA ambush in Agusan Sur


Filipinos should never forget Digos massacre

It is quite common these days to read from the newspapers violence being perpetrated by the communist New People’s Army (CPP-NPA) that most Filipinos no longer care as long they are not the poor victims. People have become so passive that when rebels committed atrocities to civilians, none would make a fuss about it or chastise the perpetrators — except for the families of the victims and the authorities. None would take the initiative to launch a crusade to seek justice. This is also what happened 27 years ago today.

Pinoy Redwatch Video

Very few would likely remember that on June 25, 1989, in a small village in Digos, Davao Del Sur, 39 people, many of them children, were mercilessly gunned-down by CPP-NPA rebels while they were attending a Sunday mass. Two of the victims, UCCP Pastor Ruben Ayap and his brother were beheaded. The motive: the village leaders refused to cooperate with the rebels. The CPP-NPA general command later admitted responsibility for the brutal killings and promised indemnification of the families of victims, which never happened.

The incident which became known as the “Digos Massacre,” captured the national attention back then. The entire country was enraged by the carnage. However, none have taken the matter too seriously except the government. Even the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP), later on, in an ironic twist, gravitated towards the left who perpetrated the killings of its flock. It even placed the blame on the government. Eventually, the incident slowly faded in the people’s memory. There was no justice attained.

Now, after two decades since the Digos incident, the CPP-NPA continue to perpetrate atrocities without remorse, especially now that they are operating more and more like a criminal gang (or, rather, several dozen separate gangs united by ideology and tactics). Aside from killing civilians opposed to them, they have also ventured into numerous criminal activities like extortion, robbery, raids, etc in order to get the money to buy needed supplies and provide for the families of the leadership. Sadly, even up to now, the people remained passive of them.

When will the people take active role in condemning the CPP-NPA? Will it take another “Digos Massacre” for the people to act? The fight against the CPP-NPA is not solely the duty of the government. It is the duty of every freedom-loving Filipinos who abhor violence and value justice. If the people will not provide even vocal support, the effort to defeat the rebel-turned bandits will be futile. The Filipinos should not remain deaf and blind. This is the least they can do for the victims of the “Digos Massacre” and the numerous other victims of CPP-NPA cruelty.

This article was written in remembrance of the victims of the Digos Massacre . May their souls rest in peace.


Religious leader stabbed to death by NPA rebels

npa killing - baguizCAGAYAN DE ORO CITY — A former policeman who founded a religious group was believed killed by New People’s Army (NPA) rebels on Monday, authorities said Tuesday.

Stabbed to death was Francisco Baguiz, a retired police officer and founder of Apocalypse International Ministry, Inc. (AIM, Inc.) based in Sitio Sioan in Barangay Malinao in Gingoog City.

Police said Baguiz was driving his car when he was flagged down by armed men wearing Army uniforms in Sitio Kibalikin in Malinao.

SPO4 Teddy Macarayo of the Gingoog police said Baguiz got out of the vehicle and must have thought that it was soldiers who flagged him down.

Macarayo said Baguiz was handcuffed and brought by the armed men to a secluded area where he was stabbed four times. He did not reach the hospital alive.

Witnesses identified the suspects as NPA rebels, police added.

The NPA has not issued a statement on Baguiz’s killing yet.

Some things worth noting on Kidapawan barricade

12439425_1271871382827424_4402677672214873332_nSome things worth noting on the barricade:
1. The participants seem to have been brought for the barricade through deception
PROOF: In Davao, none of the supposed rallyists were allowed to talk, only the leaders from progressive groups spoke. In Kidapawan, rallyists who escaped said that they were promised rice but were never told of a rally.

2. Their demands are unreasonable and unrealistic

PROOF: In Davao, they demanded the presence of national personalities. Their so called list of demands were unrealistic and was more of propaganda. In Kidapawan, they demanded the release of rice when there is a process that has to be followed

3. They have the fullest intention to disrupt normalcy and cause inconvenience to the general public.

PROOF: Why stage the protest on a National Highway and blocking it. In their statements they claim that the inconvenience they caused was nothing compared to the daily suffering of the lumads due to government neglect and militarizarion (Davao). No statement yet in Kidapawan but it seems that their plan is to really inconvenience everybody.


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Child dies, 2 hurt when NPA rebels attack Army post in North Cotabato


KIDAPAWAN CITY, North Cotabato — A child died while two others were hurt when New People’s Army rebels attacked a military detachment near a civilian-populated area in Barangay Kisante in Makilala, North Cotabato, on Thursday evening, the police said Friday.

PO1 Jeralyn Tavarro, officer on duty at the Makilala police, said an undetermined number of NPA rebels stormed the detachment of the 72nd Infantry Battalion in Sitio Alang-alang around 8 p.m.

The attack took place barely three days after the rebels celebrated their 47th anniversary.

Tavarro said the firefight lasted for 15 minutes, sending residents living at the back portion of the military camp scampering for safety.

She said a seven-month old baby, identified as Joylyn Dado, was killed when she was hit by a stray bullet in the middle of the encounter, during which, explosions also took place.

Two other minors, identified as Judith Darino, 17; and one-year old John Patrick Binoy, were hit by shrapnel and are now being treated at the Makilala Medical Specialist Center.

Tavarro said the rebels eventually retreated, without taking over the detachment.  SFM

From the Philippine Daily Inquirer (Apr 1)

Magsasaka pinatay ng NPA sa MisOr


Isa na namang ka sakiman ang ginawa ng mga miyembro ng rebeldeng CPP/NPA/NDF sa walang awang pagpatay sa inosenting magsasaka na si Mr.Bartolome A Madridano, 42 taong gulang sa na kasalukuyang nanirahan sa lupang pinagsasakahan sa Sitio Hollywood, BrgyBang-bang, Medina Misamis Oriental; (14 March 16) Lunes ng umaga, ay biglang dumating ang mga rebelde, pinasok ang kanilang bahay at kinompiska ang loob nito ng wala man lang pahintulot; at iilang minuto ay kinupkop at dinala ng mga rebelde ang kanyang mister(“ayon kay Mrs Chiona;asawa ng biktima”)..Pagsapit ng ilang oras lang sa may bandang alas 10 ay nakita nalang nila ang nakahandusay na bangkay sa daan ng kanyang mister na puno ng dugo at saksak sa katawan; ” di lang si Bartolome ang biktima dito, ang buong buhay na pagkaulila at hinagpis ng naiwang mag-ina at ang pagsira din ng kinabukasan ng bata ay isang di makataong gawain ng mga salot na rebeldeng NPA.

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Junk Communists in the Philippines

trash-communism-2-13CPP-NPA-NDF Organizational Chart


A video revelation from a Former Rebel

A video revelation from a Former Rebel Julieto Canoy AKA Tatay Bom. A Former NPA leader from 1980’s to 2007, until he was captured and realized the true identity of the CPP-NPA. Its worth watching. Don’t forget to share.

note: This is not my native language, I only understand very few, I appreciate if someone could translate the whole video or some important parts.

……….they sacrifice for nothing dahil lahat ng sinisingil nya goes to the head of NPA while the rest of the members ay bahala sila sa buhay nila at ng pamilya nila